Our Candidates

My name is Henry Winner, I’m 22 and studying electrical and computer engineering (ECE). I’m currently in the second semester of the master’s program. I have been volunteering with the departmental student council ECE for almost four years now. During that time, I have participated in a number of committees at the faculty level. I’m in my third term as a student representative on the department council ECE. I have also been able to gain more experience at the TUM level as the student body vice president last year. There are two topics that are of special significance to me. The first being the campus Garching. I would like to see student halls of residence, just like Studentenstadt and the Olympic Village, being built there. The second topic is all about digital teaching especially after Corona. Can the developed concepts be used in a hybrid teaching environment or even to complement conventional teaching? Furthermore students must be given a choice between an analog exam and a proctored exam.

I am Matthias Ostermeier, 28 years old, and I am studying Food Technology at the WZW in the 2nd M.Sc.-Semester. Since the beginning of my studies I have been active in the students committee (SC) LemiBrau and I am currently the 1st board member of the SC. My previous experience from various committees and commissions prepares me very well to enforce the demands of the student representation in the Senate. My goals include the best possible coping with the corona crisis and the post corona consequences, as well as the restructuring to the school system. At the WZW, this will happen from winter semester 20/21, and the process needs to be accompanied proactively and closely monitored from the beginning.

My name is Sandra Paßreiter and I am studying M. Sc. Chemistry. I’ve been involved in the student representation since my third bachelor semester. Currently I’m head of the department of university politics, spokesman of the elected student representation and since 2018 I am also a member of the faculty council. In these positions I’ve gained a lot of experience, which I now would like to bring to a university wide level. In addition to coping with the Corona crisis, the health of students is particularly important to me. Surveys repeatedly showed that many students suffer from stress. I would like to ensure that health-promoting structures develop at all campuses which reduce stress and ensure a positive learning and research climate.

Hey greetings! I’m David Vadasz, 21 years old and I’m in my sixth semester of B.Sc. Political Science. I have been active in the student representation and in my Fachschaft for over two years. Currently I am one of the three chairmen of the student council, primarily responsible for internal management. For the Student Representation – be it in the Senate, AStA or the student council – it is particularly important to me that there is good cooperation between the various offices and positions of the Student Representation so that together we can achieve the best for the entire student body.

My name is Nora Reinbold, I am 23 years old and am studying mechanical engineering in the first year of my master’s program. I’ve been a member of the Mechanical Engineering student council (FSMB) since my first semester at TUM. As part of my work in the student council, I organised the freshmen program as well as our party, the esp, and I was the head of the FSMB for a year. I currently represent all students of the faculty in the faculty council. At university level, sustainability is particularly important to me: I would like to work towards ensuring that TUM teaches its graduates to act responsibly with regard to our environment and educates them on how to use their specialist knowledge to make tomorrow’s world a little more sustainable. In addition, the promotion of women in MINT subjects is a particular concern of mine. Providing more female role models in teaching is very important, as are mentoring programs that are accessible and attractive to all female students.

My name is Elena Wegner, I‘m studying Management & Technology and I’ve been active in the student council TUM SOM for two years now. Here I am head of the university policy department and represent the students’ interests in the faculty board of the TUM School of Management. My goals next year are to improve and innovate the teaching formats at TUM, to put a bigger focus on sustainability at every campus and lastly to better involve international students in the student life.