Our Candidates

My name is Miriam Neuhäuser, I’m 24 years old and I’m studying nutrition science in my eighth bachelor’s semester. I have been active in the nutrition science student council since my third semester. In the fourth semester I was elected to the board of this student council.  After that, I participated in many different committees, for example the TUM-wide Student Council, and actively represented the opinion of our students there. In these two years, I have really enjoyed dealing with all the tasks and challenges that have come our way as students. This year I would like to go one step further and represent all students of TUM on the senate level to work out important topics for the future. On the one hand, it is my concern to continue to integrate the teaching formats that we have expanded in the last year and a half into the teaching after the corona period. On the other hand, I would like to advocate for mobility in Munich. It is important that we as students have good connections to the TUM locations and that this offer remains affordable for everyone.

My name is Henry Winner, I’m 23 and studying electrical and computer engineering (ECE). I’m currently in the master’s program. I have been volunteering with the departmental student council ECE for almost five years now. During that time, I have participated in a number of committees at the faculty level. I’m in my fourth term as a student representative on the department council ECE. I have also been able to gain more experience at the TUM level as the student body vice president two years ago. I have been representing you in the TUM Senate and Board of Trustees since October 2020.
There are two topics that are of special significance to me. The first being the campus Garching. I would like to see student halls of residence, just like Studentenstadt and the Olympic Village, being built there. The second topic is all about digital teaching especially after Corona. Can the developed concepts be used in a hybrid teaching environment or even to complement conventional teaching?

My name is Emily Lies, I am 19 years old and studying mechanical engineering, B.Sc. in my second semester. Since the beginning of my studies I have been involved in the department for university politics of the Mechanical Engineering Student Council. Since then, I have been accompanying and supporting the current representatives of our Student Council in the Council of Student Representatives. This has given me a very good insight into the TUM-wide university politics over the past year.
Overall, I follow the motto “do not complain, make the change yourself” in order to try to improve the study situation for all current and future students.
In addition, the Corona crisis has meant that, apart from the Tentomax, I have not yet seen a single lecture hall of the TUM from the inside. This has to change as soon as possible for all students, as long as it can be implemented with the right hygiene concepts and as long as the infection rates are low enough!

My name is Philipp Rößner, I’m 24 years old and in my third master’s semester of physics. I have been active in my student council for several years and have been elected as student council speaker, representative in the faculty council and in the Council of Student Representatives. In addition, I am currently active in the student representation as a delegate for the LAK (Landes-ASten-Konferenz Bayern), where I work to ensure that all students at TUM are also well represented throughout Bavaria.
As the representation of my fellow students is a very important issue for me, I like to get involved in all topics in university politics so that we can achieve the best for all students.

I’m Fabian Richter and I’m studying mathematics in my sixth bachelor’s semester. I have been involved in my student council since my first semester and am also the deputy student council representative for mathematics. I am currently the speaker for university politics in the student representation and also represent them in the Landes-ASten-Konferenz. The exchange with each other is particularly important to me because only together can we advance our visions at TUM and in Bavaria. Topics such as sustainability and dealing with the consequences of Corona, both positive and negative, cannot be tackled by individuals but only by everyone together. 

I am Matthias Ostermeier, 29 years old and I am studying food technology at the School of Life Science in the 3rd M.Sc. semester. Since the start of my studies, I have been active in the student representation and have represented the students in my student council in various committees and commissions. I am currently a student representative in the Senate and therefore already have the necessary experience to exercise this office. One of my goals is to overcome the Corona crisis in the best possible way and to quickly return to the attendance system at our university. The restructuring to the school system is now in full swing, here too it is important to continue to actively participate and to implement our wishes accordingly.